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Tarot Card of the Month

Six of Pentacles 

Image result for mythic tarot six of pentaclesTime to show your generous side. Our Six of Pentacles tells us that in sunny June you need to relax a little and control any mean or cautious tendencies. If someone you know well is in need and asks for a small loan help if you can. Don’t walk past someone less fortunate than you are, offer a hand or just enough money for a meal if needed. What goes around comes around, being genuinely open and generous when you can will repay you later in life in all sorts of surprising ways. Make the sun shine in someone’s life this month.

Crystal Magic

Crystals have been used for hundreds of years and have many practical uses such as in healing, massage, chakra work and are used in lots of other natural therapies. If you are new to crystals or just buying another one or two for whatever reason it’s a good idea to make sure that you cleanse them before you begin to work with them.

Crystals pick up energies and vibrations before they reach you, they will have travelled many miles and been through a variety of experiences. You need to make your chosen crystal your very own, cleanse it of any previous possible negative vibrations. This is a simple process but will make sure that your crystal is completely clear and will work for you.

The two most common and effective methods of cleansing a crystal are:- 

Hold your crystal under cold running water – this can be as simple as your kitchen or bathroom tap or if you happen to have access to a flowing stream why not hold your crystal in the water for a few seconds! Don’t dry the crystal with a towel, it must dry naturally in the daylight, if the sun is shining so much the better, natural sunlight is very energising.

Let your crystal be immersed in some salt water over night. In the morning take it out and place it on a windowsill to dry naturally.

Your crystal is now cleansed and ready to work it’s magic for you!


Enjoy the Sunshine

Image result for sunIn the UK sunny days are fairly rare and its good to take the opportunity to make to most of them when we can. Sunshine, blue skies and warm temperatures make us all feel more relaxed and it helps to top up our vitamin D levels which is vital for our health.

If you manage to over-do your exposure to the sunshine and suffer from a little mild sunburn here are a couple of ideas for natural remedies.  Try applying some aloe vera gel or even fresh sap from the plant if that’s possible. Also Calendula/marigold cream is very soothing.

Try adding a few drops of lavender, peppermint or chamomile to a tepid bath.

T4Y Tarot Gift Pack

Now available via our website, our new Tarot Gift Pack, a great way to start your journey with the Tarot. The pack contains – a new/sealed pack of Rider Waite Tarot cards, the most popular deck used by beginners and experienced readers alike with colourful pictures and symbols that are easy to interpret (small instruction booklet in pack supplied by manufacturer, or see the T4Y Intuitive Tarot Course).


We have included a gold 100% silk cloth to protect your cards and an AA grade rose quartz crystal to help protect and calm emotions, the best healing crystal and perfect to keep with your cards. This is a lovely pack either for you or as a gift for a friend.

National Tarot Readers Association


Be an Accredited NTRA Tarot Reader. Memberships, Tarot Courses, Information & Support. NTRA are dedicated to promoting the highest possible standards and professionalism for Tarot Readers throughout the UK.

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