Lets Try Dowsing

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Dowsing can have lots of practical uses and you can dowse with something as simple as a short length of cotton with a ring or similar small weight tied to the end. When you think of dowsing what comes to mind usually is someone striding across a field holding two metal rods, looking for water! But there are more fun ways of dowsing that don't involve wellington boots and a raincoat.

Most people use pendulums like the one pictured above. A short silver chain attached to a weight which is usually made of some kind of crystal, such as amethyst, rose quartz (as the photo), clear quartz, turquoise etc. (If you would like to see our small range of pendulums available please email for info. on isisdirect@aol.com)

Lets begin! Firstly, keep an open mind and very relaxed muscles. You need to know which way your pendulum is swinging...... at the very least which way means yes and which means no! Everyone is different. Pendulums work from your unconscious energies. Hold the top of the chain and dangle the weight over your open hand. Make sure it is not swinging about and when it is still concentrate on the pendulum. Keep your hand and arm still, it is sometimes better to hold it in you non dominant hand.

Ask a question, either out loud or in your head, for which the only answer is yes, such as - is my name Fred/Sue etc.  You may need to ask a few times until the pendulum slowly starts to swing.  If it swings strongly from left to right then you know that this is your pendulum giving you a 'yes'. Try the same thing again with something that needs a 'no' answer. You will find that the pendulum moves backwards and forwards. Now you have a definitive yes and now from your magic pendulum!  You can double check with other yes now questions if you cannot quite believe what you are seeing and it makes you feel better!

Here's another little trick to try - put a coin on the table, hold the pendulum about 2" above it and 2" away from it. Now clear your mind, wait and watch. You don't need to do anything at all, in a few seconds the pendulum will swing strongly towards the coin. Then, move the coin or the pendulum to a different position so that the pendulum needs to move in a different direction to find the coin. What happens now? Yep, clever isn't it!

If you lose something at home, here's how you could get some help to find it. Draw a rough sketch of the room you think your object is lost in and dowse over the picture with your pendulum. Ask is the object is in this room. If you get a no just go on to the picture of the next room. When you get a 'yes' you can split the room into quarters and dowse over each area to narrow down your search even further.

Dowsing is all about picking up the vibrations of things using the power of your subconscious. Give it a try and have some fun!

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