Introduction to Counselling Skills – Certificated Course

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As all Tarot Readers are aware - or quickly learn - a large part of our work involves being able to use basic counselling skills alongside the Tarot to bring more clarity to life situations and to enable people to help themselves to resolve issues they are having.

Exploring Counselling Skills is a Certificated Course (CA.BCS.TSA) and will give you the foundation and inside knowledge needed on this subject to help you give the right positive responses when faced with everyday situations.

Some basic counselling skills are vital for everyday life. Friends, family and often complete strangers can offload their problems as it helps them to think clearer about issues. The response you give in these circumstances can make a real difference to their lives.

Life can be stressful – either at specific times and events or when other life issues come along and it seems impossible to see a light ahead of us – we can struggle to know exactly why we feel the way we do. By using your Tarot reading skills alongside basic counselling skills you will be able to provide clients with a more in depth and empathic reading.

This course will give you valuable knowledge to enable you to help and guide others around you, and can offer you some insight into how the counselling process works on a practical level.

Course Benefits:

Study at home, in your own time and at your own pace.

On receipt of payment the complete course will be emailed to you to enable you to begin as soon as you are ready.

There is no time limit for completion of the course.

Course tutor available whenever needed.

The course is in easy Module format, each of the six modules has a set of simple assessment questions to reinforce your knowledge.

Following the successful completion of the final assessment the TSA Certificate of Achievement will be awarded and emailed to the student.

Course Content:

Module 1 – Introduction to counselling skills, what is a counsellor, Active Listening, common terms explained, skills needed, the basis of the counselling process and aims.

Module 2 – The First Counselling Session, Establishing the client/counsellor relationship, evaluating information, ice breaking techniques, communication skills, confidentiallity, empathy, mirroring, short term goals

Module 3 – Communication – two way street, objective signposts, motivating change, facing up to emotions.

Module 4 – Encouraging motivation, tuning in, enabling positivity, scales of relaxation, general counselling approach, open and closed questions, self motivation and non motivation.

Module 5 – Bereavement and grief counselling, physical and emotional responses of both, stages of grief, exploring positive and negative feelings, chronic grief.

Module 6 – Dealing with Stress & Depression, fight and flight reaction explained, physical and emotional symptoms, the triple Cs of stress causes, self worth, signs of depression, negtive reflection and thought patterns.

Assessment questions at the end of each module should be emailed to the tutor. On successful completion of the final assessment the student will be emailed the:

TSA Certificate of Achievement

'Exploring Counselling Skills' ECS (TSA)

Course Cost £35 which includes your emailed Certificate of Achievement.