Pedicure Course

Learn the skills and knowledge need to become a Professional Pedicurist!  Work through our Pedicure Course and you will soon know what you need to safely treat your friends and family or set up your own business.

The course covers a wide variety of related topics to ensure that students are fully conversant with the important regulations and information needed to practice safely. See the Course Syllabus below for more information!

Each Module includes a brief set of self test exercises at the end to reinforce your study and if you choose to, you can complete the Final Assessment and return it to us for marking. Successful assessments will earn the Training Solutions Academy 'Certificate of Completion - Pedicurists.'

Our course tutors are available at any time via email should you need any help or advice during the course.

Special Offer!  £20

For a limited time only. Normal Cost £30.  On receipt of payment the whole course will be emailed to you, usually on the same day of payment so you can begin straight away.

Course Syllabus

Module 1 - Why Feet Need a Pedicure / Simple Health & Safety Regulations. – Includes – basic health & safety needed, instrument care, effects on the whole body of problematic feet

Module 2 - Equipment Required – Incl. comprehensive list of equipment     required, suggestions of where and how to buy it, what to look out for.

Module 3 - Preparing Your Equipment – sterilisation methods and information.

Module 4 – Preparing Your Client – questions to ask, information needed before initial treatment, preparing treatment area and client, when you can and cannot offer a treatment, data protection.

Module 5 - Inspection/Examination & Pedicure Treatment – step by step instructions and information about the inspection and treatment procedures, massage methods for feet (& toes) and lower limb.

Module 6 – Common Foot Problems Incl. Diabetic Foot – important information about learning to recognise common problems while you are treating client.

Module 7 - Aftercare Advice – offering information to a client to improve their foot health and mobility, simple exercises when sitting, laying and standing.

Module 8 – Running Your Pedicure Business – all the business basics, rules and regulations, finance tips, insurance and income tax, making a business plan and keeping records.

Module 9 - Marketing Ideas and Business Tips

Module 10 - Final Assessment. An overview of your knowledge of the whole course with ten questions to answer. Email the answers to the course tutors. ‘The Training Solutions Academy Certificate of Completion – Pedicures’ will be issued.