Tarot Card of the Month – June 2017


Six of Pentacles

Time to show your generous side. Our Six of Pentacles tells us that in sunny June you need to relax a little and control any mean or cautious tendencies. If someone you know well is in need and asks for a small loan help if you can. Don't walk past someone less fortunate than you are, offer a hand or just enough money for a meal if needed. What goes around comes around, being genuinely open and generous when you can will repay you later in life in all sorts of surprising ways. Make the sun shine in someone's life this month.



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Tarot Card of the Month – May 2017

Eight of Pentacles

The month of May is likely to be busy! No time for relaxing just because Spring is here as there as you will need to keep your head down and concentrate on building financial resources to carry you through.

This is a good time for you to perhaps learn a new skill or turn an existing skill into something profitable. You have hidden talents, now is the time to use them for your own good because there is something in the air now that will allow you to suddenly develop a hobby or skill into a money making idea. No matter what stage of life you are at now is the time to think about this kind of venture.


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Card of the month – April 2017

With spring well and truly on it's way everything is starting to happen! Things will start moving faster this month, sometimes faster than you think you can handle. Just go with it, this is a great time of year, new growth in all areas of your life is indicated. April and the Eight of Wands allow nothing to hold you back.  Optimism and energy will be renewed and your journey onwards will become clear again.


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Card of the Month – March 2017

March is likely to appear to be a little challenging at times.  After the long haul of January and February we all spring into lovely March with hope for a more settled period. Look out for people this month who will challenge your ideas, try to be confident in your own worth because people surrounding you are full of hot air - which is probably more than the March weather will be. The Seven of Wands tells us that while things look challenging on the surface if you look underneath you will find that there is nothing to get excited about and you can easily overcome and glide through the month smoothly.

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New Tarot Course

Tarot4You Header10   New Intuitive Tarot Course.

Learn to read the Tarot, my new comprehensive course will be available very soon! Covering everything you need to know to learn how to give real intuitive Tarot readings my new course will be available January 2017.  The course will help you to develop your psychic potential with the Tarot, give you ideas for spreads and offer exercises to help you progress.  Don't waste money on those Tarot books, this course is all you will need get you started the right way. Register your interest now via my website and I will email you full course information as soon as it is available.

The course comprises of 10 lessons or modules and whilst there is no exam if you choose to complete the final assessment question and answer module you will be sent the Tarot4You Course Completion Certificate.




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Card of the Month – January 2017

The Hanged Man brings us the prospect of change, new beginnings and freedom. January 2017 is all about relaxing, opening your mind and being prepared to take some action. Read my full prediction on www.tarot4you.co.uk

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Card of the Month – December 2016

02-two-of-pentacles December - unsurprisingly now is not the time for saving money as much as you may try to. You keep beavering away and money will come in but you will find that by not getting over excited about this and using the money wisely you can make your bank balance grow a little more, even at this time of year. Keep your eyes open for an opportunity this month, just go with it but be sensible, you won’t be risking much and it could just lead you to better things.


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Card of the Month – November 2016


November is a time for keeping your feet on the ground while all around you seems to be in chaos. You will need to concentrate on getting things sorted and working through the challenges that life throws at you. Try not to charge around like a headless chicken, you can achieve what you need to if you just take a breath, keep your head down and keep going forwards. You will be faced with boring tasks to sort but you know you just need to crack on and you will soon have them licked. You are more than capable of dealing with whatever November brings.

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Tarot Card of the Month – May 2016

Tarot Card of the Month


Tarot 4 You - Justice

Tarot 4 You - Justice

The Woman behind the Card

In this card, we meet the Goddess of Justice, Athene, daughter of Zeus and the Goddess of Wisdom, Metis.

As with the God Ares, Justice has warlike tendencies. However unlike her brother, Athene comes from the standpoint of logic, intelligence, strategy in battle and the preservation of truth. But it wasn’t all war and battles, she was also known for the art of taming horses, weaving and embroidery.

In this card, we see Athene with long golden hair, dressed in a white dress, with a white body plate and helmet.

She sits on a golden throne, holding high a raised sword in one hand, golden scales in the other, and a white owl perched closely on her shoulder.

She is seated underneath two white stone pillars, the flooring is made up of small black and white squares, much like a chess board, and behind her, the sky is a rich but fading blue.


Step inside this card for a moment, this is not a place for warm fuzzy feelings. Here we only deal with logic and reasoning, not emotion and passion, a balance of thought together with a balance of action, thinking things through before we speak and act.

Justice does not bring with her warmth, but she does bring comfort, security, protection, wisdom, justice.

The Meaning behind this Card

Athene dedicated her life to the pursuit of pureness and chastity. She never allowed herself to be influenced by irrational thought and emotions, and it is that aspect of Justice that we must also try to take into ourselves.

She is a calm, cool headed character, who will always think things through first, without flying off the handle.

On an emotional level, her level headedness could be considered as cold hearted, unapproachable, and an unwillingness to empathise and connect to human emotion.

During situations of conflict, proceed only after the options have been weighed, a plan has been formulated, and several back up plans are also in place in case anything unforeseeable happens.

Justice may also represent the need to seek legal or professional advice.

Thoughts for Today

Today you may find yourself in an emotionally charged situation. It is important to remember to keep a cool head as now is not the time to allow emotions to get the better of you.

Try to detach yourself from the situation if you can, by mentally or physically walking away to collect your thoughts. Don’t make any rash decisions before thinking through the pros and cons and only speak or act on something once your mind is clearer and more rational.

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Tarot Card of the Month – April 2016

Tarot Card of the Day

The Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles

The Man Behind the Card

Here in the Knight of Pentacles, we meet Aristaeus, son of the Sun God Apollo and Guardian of the Flocks. In his lifetime, amongst many other things, he has learned the art of curdling milk to make cheese, beekeeping, healing and prophecy.

In this card, we see Aristaeus dressed in a green tunic, with a brown leather body plate and helmet.

He is mounted on a fine brown steed, and carries with him a single pentacle and a sheaf of wheat.

He stands in lush wooded green pastures, with beehives and a flock in the background and clear blue skies overhead.


Step inside this card for a moment, and feel the stillness, the sense of living in the moment, of just being in the here and now. Feel sense of calmness over oneself as well as a deep love and respect for nature and the Earth Mother.

With The Knight of Pentacles, comes the image for our ability of creativity, industry and diligence of service.

The Meaning Behind this Card

Although Aristaeus himself was not considered a ‘true hero’, he was a lover of the countryside, of animals, both wild and domesticated, and above all else, he was kind, with a willingness to work long and hard, yet in himself remain humble and grounded to the Earth.

When we see the Knight of Pentacles, we are reminded that no matter the task, if we too remain humble, great contentment is ours to have.

Sometimes in life it can be all too easy to focus only on the glory, on what we get from a situation as opposed to what we can offer.

The benefit to us therefore, over the benefit for others becomes the overriding objective.

Whatever the situation, or the job in hand, Aristaeus reminds us to accept the task with good grace, even if it appears boring and pointless.

Thoughts for Today

Now is the time for you to develop these humble qualities, give yourself a break from the pursuit of glory, just for a moment, and open yourself up to the chance of contentment and happiness by living and enjoying the day to day life of now.


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