Tarot Card of the Month – April 2016

Tarot Card of the Day

The Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles

The Man Behind the Card

Here in the Knight of Pentacles, we meet Aristaeus, son of the Sun God Apollo and Guardian of the Flocks. In his lifetime, amongst many other things, he has learned the art of curdling milk to make cheese, beekeeping, healing and prophecy.

In this card, we see Aristaeus dressed in a green tunic, with a brown leather body plate and helmet.

He is mounted on a fine brown steed, and carries with him a single pentacle and a sheaf of wheat.

He stands in lush wooded green pastures, with beehives and a flock in the background and clear blue skies overhead.


Step inside this card for a moment, and feel the stillness, the sense of living in the moment, of just being in the here and now. Feel sense of calmness over oneself as well as a deep love and respect for nature and the Earth Mother.

With The Knight of Pentacles, comes the image for our ability of creativity, industry and diligence of service.

The Meaning Behind this Card

Although Aristaeus himself was not considered a ‘true hero’, he was a lover of the countryside, of animals, both wild and domesticated, and above all else, he was kind, with a willingness to work long and hard, yet in himself remain humble and grounded to the Earth.

When we see the Knight of Pentacles, we are reminded that no matter the task, if we too remain humble, great contentment is ours to have.

Sometimes in life it can be all too easy to focus only on the glory, on what we get from a situation as opposed to what we can offer.

The benefit to us therefore, over the benefit for others becomes the overriding objective.

Whatever the situation, or the job in hand, Aristaeus reminds us to accept the task with good grace, even if it appears boring and pointless.

Thoughts for Today

Now is the time for you to develop these humble qualities, give yourself a break from the pursuit of glory, just for a moment, and open yourself up to the chance of contentment and happiness by living and enjoying the day to day life of now.


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