I get lots of clients wanting answers to questions, there is never a simple yes or no answer to issues in people’s lives. What looks like a simple question is always much deeper and it is impossible to give information needed unless you can get right to the heart of a problem. When you get your reading you will see that it is much more than just stating the obvious! Even if you haven’t asked a question but just want an overview of your future you will usually get far more than you bargained for!

Using the Tarot not only as a predictive tool but as a counselling or coaching tool too is a great way of digging deeper and being able to draw help and information from universal energy. After receiving a reading people often come back saying ‘it was so accurate, as if you knew exactly what was happening to me’ or ‘its as if you were living beside me for the last 20 years, you seem to know what I am thinking’. Its always wonderful to receive good feedback but it’s really not me alone. As always information comes through several channels, my own intuitive powers, the Tarot speaking to my subconscious and by tapping into that great universal energy that speaks to those who can listen.

Tarot as a Coaching and Counselling Tool