Gifts, Jewellery, Divination Products

Welcome to my products and gifts page, everything here (other than the Tarot & Oracle Cards) is hand crafted including our useful information books.


The Mythic Tarot Deck. Based on Greek Mythology this is a very popular deck – and is used in our Tarot Course – images that will resinate easily to help you on your Tarot Journey.

Cost £20 including UK postage. 



Rider Waite Tarot Deck. Based on the original designs and ideas for tarot cards this is another brilliantly illustrated deck. This verion has foil effect cards with black  borders. A spectacular version of this well established deck. Cost  – £20 incl. UK postage. 



Moonology Oracle Cards.

Designed by Yasmon Boland, this popular set of oracle cards aligns you with the energy of the Moon. Beautifully illustrated, used for healing and guidance and protection. Much like the Tarot work with them to create, plan and predict your life. When making decisions let the oracle guide you. Available in two different packs each with free black velvet Tarot bag.

Moonology Oracle Cards only (online guidebook available) – £15.00 

Moonology Cards, with guidebook in decorative box – £25.00


What is a Chakra – chakras are vital energy centres that everyone needs to keep balanced and the mind and body working in harmony. My range of hand crafted and reiki charged Chakra gifts and jewellery will help you stay calm and in control.

Chakras are like spiritual cogs spinning at various points in your body to keep energy flowing, balancing mind, body and spirit. If one of these Chakras is blocked and not flowing freely this will have an effect on how you feel and how you function. Each one of my Chakra products comes in a gift pack complete with a 4 page information leaflet on Chakra Power.



Chakra strong stretch bracelet, contains 7 semi precious beads to balance your energy centres, black onyx beads for protection from negativity and black lava beads which diffuse the energies adding power. You can also put one or two drops of your favourite essential oil on these lava beads for a long lasting aroma or healing effect. This has the following beads  – Carnelian, Amber in Resin, Yellow Tigers eye, Emperor Jade, Turquenite, Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst. The bracelet is finished with a tibetan silver triqueta charm and trimmed with tibetal silver spacer beads.  Bracelet Cost £7.50 incl. UK postage.

 Hematite bracelet, with lava beads and tibetan silver spacer beads. Hematite is known for its properties of protection, attraction of positivity, it is used in healing and is good for clearing and cleansing your energy field.   £7.50 Incl. UK postage


Seven Chakra Bracelet. Powerful energybalancing, this contains three semi precious beads for each chakra, with tibetian spacer beads. This is a stretch bracelet with the following beads  – Carnelian, Amber in Resin, Yellow Tigers eye, Emperor Jade, Turquenite, Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst.  Cost .£7.50  incl. UK postage


 Turquenite stretch bracelet with black lava beads. Blue turquenite alligns with your throat Chakra, aiding communication and personal expression and giving confidence and compassion.  Cost £7.50 incl. UK postage


Chakra balancing keychain or handbag charm. 7 Semi Precious beads – Carnelian, Amber in Resin, Yellow Tigers eye, Emperor Jade, Turquenite, Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst plus a lava bead for diffusion or a drop of essential oil. This has a Tibetan silver/turquoie blue trimmed dream catcher at the base and a silver Angel charm inscribed with ‘Angels Watching Over Me’. This comes in a black gift box with the Chakra Power leaflet.  Price – £7.50 incl. UK Postage


For all book lovers. Chakra bookmark with Tibetan silver scrolled page marker, 7 Chakra semi prescous beads, silver butterfly mid way and your choice of charm to the base. Charms available are – small witch, tree of life, pentacle, angel, also (not illustrated) silver angel wings, triple goddess (with pentacle & two crescent moons). These come in gift pack within an organza bag. Price £7.50 incl. UK postage.


Smudging Kit – Smudging is a sacred practice used to cleanse and purify places, people, things and even pets by clearing negative energies, thoughts or influences and allowing positive energies to be drawn in.  Smudging combines the 4 elements or earth, air, fire and water to procde sacred smoke that is then wafted over or around the person, place or object.

The kit contains everything you need – White sage & lavender smudge stick, white scallop shell, beaded smudge feather, small bag of sea salt and a 4 page information booklet. The kit comes in a gift pack. Price £12.50 incl. UK postdage.


Pack of 3 Smudging Feathers.  With beaded trims, these pure white goose feathers will aid your smudging by distributing the smoke evenly and gently, directing it to the areas that you need to cleanse. Note – beads may vary due to size of feather shaft. In gift pack, with information booklet.  Price £5.50 incl. UK postage.



Pack of 3 Smudge Sticks.  Three x 4″ smudge sticks, white sage and lavender, bound with 100% cotton twine for safe burning. In gift pack with 4 page information booklet.Price £8.50 Incl. UK postage.




‘Lets Try Dowsing’. A great taster guide for beginners, this will tell you all you need to know to get started with this fascinating ancient divination skill. There are thousands of dowsing practitioners today throughout the world. Dowsing can help you find anything missing inside or outside of your home, help in decision making, healing and a host of other practical uses. This is an A5 book with 43 pages, complete with illustrations to help you learn this useful skill.


Price – £4.75 incl UK postage  (Also avail. in Ebook for same cost)


Hand crafted crystal point dowsing pendulums with full set of semi precious chakra beads, 6″ silver plated chain and tibetian silver charm. Assorted crystals available – choose a specific colour preference or choose from: jade, black onyx, amethyst, aventurine, rose pink quartz, laboradorite, lapis lazuli, pale rose quartz, citrine, blue goldstone, turquenite, or howlite. Or available with rainbow/chakra crackle glass beads.

Price – £8.50


‘Lets Try Tarot’ Your easy guide to learning how to read the Tarot. One of the most popular methods of divination, the cards can be used for predictions, for answering questions and for helping yourself others to find their way in life. This handy book will give you the basic skills to get started on your journey, easy to understand with information on layouts, interpretations and lots more. A5 Book with 70 pages.  Price £4.75 incl. UK postage. (Also avail. in Ebook for same cost)



  Tarot Gift Pack – Perfect starter pack for anyone wanting to learn to read the cards. Contains – New/sealed Rider Waite deck (pocket sized 10cm. x 6cm.) black velvet drawstring tarot bag and ‘Lets Try Tarot’ our easy learning guide to understanding the cards and giving your own readings.  Price – £15.00 incl. UK postage.


Lets Try Runes’ . Learn a how all about the art of rune divination or make runes part of your deeper spiritual journey, this book will give you the foundations skills to being. Tips on how to make your own runes, how to cast them and to make  casting board to give greater context to your enquiries. There are suggestions of rune castings to experiment with and home your skills. A5 book, 75 pages.

Price – £4.75 incl UK postage. (E book version also available)

Chakra Tumblestone Set in black velvet pouch. Contains the following crystals – clear quartz for overall balance (crown chakra), amethyst (third eye chakra), sodalite (throat) green quartz (heart) citrine (solar plexus) agate (sacral ) hematite (root chakra), With small crystal information card and our own 4 page Chakra information booklet.  Maintain your energy balance – can be used together or individually where needed to give you  boost.   Price – £8.00 incl UK postage.

            Teardrop crystal on key ring. Crystals available – Golden Tigers Eye, Amethyst, Green Aventurine, Hematite, Opalite. Crystals approx. 3.5cm x 2.5cm. In gift bag. Price – £7.50 incl. UK postage.