Dowsing Course

Dowsing has real value in the world we live in today. There are at least 3000 dowsing practitioners throughout the world, working in practical situations. This skill is so popular that many countries have their own dowsing society.

Dowsing is a means to help give the information in your deep subconscious shape and context, by channelling the information through a dowsing tool and allowing you to put words to the things you know at your deepest level. Information is received also through the earth’s energies which connect with your own energy field.

Course Benefits
Study in your own time and at your own pace – lifetime access to course materials.
Study at your own choice of location
Learn a practical and useful skill
Ensure that you are working to accepted and safe standards
You will be able to offer this service as a real help to others

Course Content

Module 1 – Introductions, brief history of dowsing, dowsing today, why dowsing works.

Module 2 – Before you dowse, dowsing methods. get to know a variety of dowsing tools

Module 3 – Basic skills, centering yourself,

Module 4 – Getting started with dowsing practice and exercises with pendulums and L rods.

Module 5 – Y shaped/forked twig exercises, learn to dowse without any tools, using just your body.

Final Assessment – Answer the final assessment questions and submit them to you tutor. Delegates will receive a downloadable Training Solutions Academy ‘Certificate of Completion – Dowsing’.

Dowsing Course

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