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 Intuitive Online/Home Study Tarot Course.

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Learn to read the tarot with our home study Intuitive Tarot Course!

The result of over thirty years of tarot experience, this course covers everything you need to learn to interpret the cards, give readings for family and friends or start your own business as a Tarot Professional.

The course consists of 12 Modules, each with a range of self test exercises so you can study in your own time at your own pace. Module 12 contains a Final Assessment which can be completed and emailed to our tutors and successful candidates will then receive the T4Y Certificate of Achievement

'Certificate of Achievement fo Intuitive Tarot Reading - Cert. ITR. T4Y'

The Course costs £35. When payment is received the  course complete will be emailed to you.

Course Costs £35.00


MODULE 1 – First Steps

The origins of the tarot. Choosing your tarot pack. Bonding with your cards. Preparing and energising your cards.

MODULE 2 – Meditation

Fine tuning your senses. Simple meditation techniques, How to open your mind to receive messages from the cards and the universe.

MODULE 3 – Developing Your Senses

Develop your inner and outer senses to become a better intuitive reader.

MODULE 4 – Preparing Yourself

Opening and closing explained. Protection techniques.

MODULE 5 – Meet ‘The Fool’

First steps in the Major Arcana. Learn to analyse what you see and feel.

MODULE 6 – Get to Know the Major Arcana

The Major Arcana cards explained. Who are they, what story are they telling. Main ideas and basic interpretations. Reversed meanings

MODULE 7 – Sample Readings

Simple reading analysis. Question and answer Readings. Over to you - choose your own cards to explain situations, reading practice.

MODULE 8 – The Minor Arcana

Beginnings with the Minor Arcana. The four suits explained. Ideas and basic interpretations, how they relate to each other.

MODULE 9 – Sample Readings

Reading practice. Mixing Major and Minor Arcana. Positive and negative. Tell your story. Spreads to try - 1 Card, 3 Card, 7 Card Horseshoe, 7 day, Celtic Cross.

MODULE 10 - Self Protection

Protection and growth. More opening & closing Techniques. Grounding. Meditation and visualisation. Find out what works for you.

MODULE 11 – The Business of Being a Tarot Reader

Keeping accounts. Tips and information about being self-employed

How to build your business safely, where and how to find clients, what to avoid, tarot tales.

Module 12 – Summing Up & Final Assessment.

Final Assessment – Email our tutor with your answers to 10 Tarot questions and receive the T4Y Tarot Course Certificate of Competence for Tarot Professionals. This also gives access to the National Tarot Readers Association Accredited Membership level.

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* The Intuitive Tarot Course is based on the original Mythic Tarot Deck, the most updated version of the Mythic Deck is available on our T4Y Gifts/products page (click on the link at the top of this page).

Course Costs £35.00


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Upon receipt of payment, students will be emailed the complete course.  Buy now!