T4Y June News

Candles, tarot starter packs, lets try dowsing, magic jewellery! What a year so far.

Tarot reading requests have been quite busy this year but I am now hand crafting a small number of products as well. Come and see me at the T4Y table at the Stardust Psychic Fayre at the Holiday Inn, Farnborough this Sunday. I have Tarot starter packs, hand decorated candles and spell candles, semi precious stone jewellery, including Pagan Power Bracelets and a host of fun things. Pop in and say hello. Find me on Facebook too – Tarot4You and take a peep at some of my lovely products.

T4Y will also be at – The Enchanted Market, Garth Hill College, Bracknell on Saturday 7th July, think Glastonbury but under cover! Great event with stalls, readers, music, food and entertainment all day.

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Tarot: History

The early origins of tarot cards have always been shrouded in mystery, with popular theories claiming their creation in such diverse places as India, China, ancient Egypt, ancient Babylon, ancient Tibet or even lost Atlantis. Some even blame the devil for the tarot, calling the cards the ‘devil’s picture book’ but historians have traced the first recorded appearance to Europe in the late 1300’s when the cards were used for games.

Around the 14th century, in Venice and Piedmont in northern Italy, there was a popular card game called Tarocco or Tarrochi.  It used a 78 card deck and was divided into what was called minor arcana and major arcana.  It was decorated with imagery reminiscent of the current tarot deck – imagery that caused the church to accuse the tarot of being the devil’s picture book during the Holy Inquisition.

It has been theorised that the suits of these early decks represented different society levels – with wands/batons for peasants, coins/pentacles for merchants, cups for clergy and monastic orders and swords for the aristocracy.

As it became more popular, many further deck variations were produced and in these early tarot days, the number of cards in a deck varied between 97 (in Florentine) and 62 (the Bolognese tarot.) It wasn’t until the late 18th century that one of the most popular and influential decks, the Marseilles tarot, was produced, and it is thought that the tarot deck began to be used for divination around this time.

The Marseilles tarot was influenced by French occultists Antoine Court de Gébelin and Etteilla who created their own decks and theorised about the links between the tarot and Ancient Egyptian mysticism and Jewish Qabbalic traditions.  Later esoteric practitioners during the 19th century, such as Eliphas Lévi, Gerard Encausse ‘Papus’ and Oswald Wirth, took up these ideas; and these ideas, in turn, inspired members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn to create their own decks and led to the modern popularity of the tarot cards.

The Order, whose membership is said to have included W.B. Yeats, Bram Stoker, Algernon Blackwood and Sax Rohmer, believed that the tarot was a key part of a unified esoteric system that also included astrology, numerology, ritual magic and the Qaballah.  One of the Order’s more famous members, Aleister Crowley, produced his own tarot deck – the Thoth tarot – but it was a deck created by two other Order members that became one of the most popular tarot decks in the western world.

The Rider-Waite Smith deck was created by two of the Order’s members – illustrator Pamela Colman-Smith and writer Arthur Edward Waite and it is often the first deck new tarot readers use to learn their art. Beyond that, the Rider-Waite Smith deck has become the inspiration for a great many of the decks that came after.  Its symbology and design have been adopted and adapted in a huge variety of ways leading to the astounding range of decks available today.

-(taken from Let’s Try Tarot by Patricia Barber & Ann J. Clark, image (c) Can Stock Photo / wstockphoto )

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Cartomancy: History

There are many different theories about the origin of playing cards and their use in divination.

The earliest appearances of playing cards can be seen in China and India in the 900’s AD.  Indian cards of the time are said to show Hindu gods holding sceptres, swords, cups and rings, while evidence suggests that the Emperor Mu-Tsung played domino cards, a game resembling playing cards, with his wife on the eve of the Chinese New Year 969AD.

Moving on to the 1300 and 1400’s, playing cards were found across Europe – one theory places the origin of European cards in a region of Egypt with a Mameluke deck dating from 1400 and comprising of 52 cards with 4 suits – swords, polo sticks, cups and coins.
In Switzerland in 1377, a Basle monk called John of Rheinfelden wrote what is considered the first detailed description of use of a deck of 52 playing cards and Marco Polo is also thought to have brought cards back from his 13th century expeditions to China. There is a theory that the Crusaders carried cards back from their conquests, but the most popular theory is that the cards were brought through India and Egypt by bands of travellers.

Playing cards were used at the French court in 1390 where the mistress of King Charles VI, Odette, had a pack brought by travellers and decorated with Eastern potentates.  She then designed her own pack picturing members of the French court – providing the origin of the court cards on the modern deck. It is rumoured that a visiting traveller used the cards to foretell for Odette and the King, and divined the King’s secrets.  It is also rumoured that Napoleon planned several battles and courted Empress Josephine with playing card divination.

From this came the current standard playing card deck – also originating in France, and thought to have been introduced around the late 15th century, painted by hand or printed with woodblocks.  It wasn’t until 1832 that playing cards were mass manufactured and while these earlier versions were designed to be viewed from one way up only, the late 19th century saw the introduction of the double headed design we use today.

-(Taken from Let’s Try Cartomancy by Ann J. Clark, image (c) Can Stock Photo / michaeldb)

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Tarot4you November Newsletter , card of the month. helpful herbs, candle meditation and more…

Card of the Month – 10 of Wands

Ten of Wands

Unsurprisingly you may feel that you have taken on rather a lot at the moment. If you are a little stressed and think that life is a bit of a headache – either physically or metaphorically – then you are not alone. Dull grey days do nothing to lift your spirits so you will have to work just that little bit harder to find the joy in daily life! Make some time for yourself, make your world as bright as you can and focus on something that you want to achieve, then just go for it. You will be glad you did.

Helpful Herbs for November.

Ginger is a great warming herb for this month, it is has lots of healing and helpful properties and can be used in a number of ways, here are just a few:-

It can help Digestion as it suppresses gastric contractions when food and fluids pass through the GI tract.

It can relieve Nausea or any kind – a home remedy to relieve this problem is to chew raw ginger

Relieve colds and flu – ginger tea keeps you warm and promotes sweating. Slice 20 or 40 grams of fresh ginger and steep in a cup of hot water. Add a slice of lemon or small spoonful of honey for flavour and additional vitamin C.

Ginger based supplements can also help with pain relief and inflammation or any kind and is good for cardio vascular health as it reduces the risk of blood clotting and maintains healthy blood sugar levels.


Other things associated with November and which are compatible with this month.

Important birds to look out for this month are – owls, ravens and falcons. If you spot one of these it is a good omen and will bring you luck.

Colours to wear this month are – black, white and purple.

Flowers – Chrysanthemum, dahlia and white lily.

Crystals – topaz, onyx, and obsidian


Myths and Legends for this Month.

Nature spirits associated with November are Banshees and any other beings who can carry messages between the world of the living and the world of the dead. A Banshee is a female spirit in Irish mythology, known as a ‘fairy woman’. Each family has their own special banshee, usually thought to be a long deceased family member whose job is it to warn of a death.  According to the legend if you hear a banshee scream you can expect someone close to you to die very soon!

We have some great quirky traditions all over the UK that take place in villages, here is just one of the most interesting ones:-

In Devon (Shebbear) – After nightfall men carrying crowbars with women lighting their way approach a huge stone close to the village church. As the church bells peal out the villagers set to work to turn the stone over. Apparently the devil lives under the stone, and ‘turning the Devil’s boulder’ is meant to avert bad fortune.

One legend recalls that the stone was quarried on the other side of the River Torridge at a nearby village, apparently intended as a foundation stone for a church there. But the devil rolled it away to Shebbear – and continued doing this every night as the villagers repeatedly rolled it back during the day.

Interestingly the stone is not of a type found locally and may therefore have been transported there in ancient times for some ritualistic purpose.


Feel Good Candle Meditation for November.

With darkening days and nights here is a useful meditation that you can do for protection, calm and well-being.

All you need is a lit white candle or flames from a fire. Sit or stand comfortably and look into the flame, breathe gently in and out to the count of four until you feel nice and relaxed. Visualize the flame bathing you with its warm, glowing, protective light. It is surrounding you with warmth and protection and you feel safe and relaxed. Stay like that and enjoy the feeling for a few minutes then when you are ready, count in your head backwards from ten back to one. Give your arms and legs a little shake to bring you back to normality and ground yourself once again.


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Tarot4You October Newsletter – Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween/Samhain.

Halloween/Samhain is celebrated around the world. Traditionally 31st October is the night when the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is at its thinnest. This is the best night of the year to make contact with the spirit world. Common customs for Halloween are – lay and extra place at your dinner table in remembrance of those in spirit. You should place a small portion of food and drink at this place and raise a glass to ‘absent friends and loved ones’.

Bonfires can be lit, or candles if you can’t get outdoors, to celebrate the start of the darker season and it is traditional for friends and family to get together to celebrate and appreciate all they have in life.

We didn’t always carve pumpkins to make lanterns, which were set outside the front door to keep any wandering spirits away and help them find their way back to the spirit world. In olden days beetroots and turnips were used, children went from door to door begging for money of food. Trick or treating, as we know it today comes from the old tradition of treating any roaming spirits with kindness. These days children enjoy dressing up and gathering bags full of sweets.


Mauritian Pumpkin Curry

Here’s a delicious recipe to keep you warm during chilly days.

4 Servings.
3 tbsp vegetable oil
1 onion
2 garlic cloves, grated
3cm of fresh ginger, grated
2 green finger chillies, sliced lengthways
1kg pumpkin, diced
½ tsp salt
A dash of sugar
200ml water
1 tsp ground coriander
12 fresh curry leaves
2 sprigs thyme


1 Heat the oil over a medium heat in a large lidded pan, fry the onion until blonde, tip in the garlic, ginger and chillies until they sizzle a little, browning at the edges.

2 Add the pumpkin chunks, season with salt, a touch of sugar and add the water. Cover and cook for 15 minutes until the pumpkin flesh has yielded.

3 Remove the lid and sprinkle in the ground coriander, curry leaves and thyme sprigs, cooking uncovered for another 10 minutes, reducing the pumpkin stew a little.

4 Eat with rice or a flatbread/chapatti

Would You like to Learn to Read the Tarot?

Tarot4you have a great Intuitive Tarot Course available, via our website (tarot4you.co.uk) . The course modules will take you through the whole process of honing your intuition, meditation techniques, simple self-protection, how to read the cards by hearing the messages they are giving you and your subconscious. This is a great course and completion of the final self assessment will give successful candidates the T4Y Certificate of Competence for Professional Readers. This will also enable you to join the National Tarot Readers Association as an Accredited Member.

Go to the products page of – www.tarot4you.co.uk.




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Newsletter – July 2017

Welcome to the July 2017 E-Newsletter from Tarot4You, we hope you will find it interesting and entertaining. If you would like to submit a product review or have news or information about any Tarot related subject please email us on:

Tarot Card of the Month

Six of Pentacles 

Image result for mythic tarot six of pentaclesTime to show your generous side. Our Six of Pentacles tells us that in sunny June you need to relax a little and control any mean or cautious tendencies. If someone you know well is in need and asks for a small loan help if you can. Don’t walk past someone less fortunate than you are, offer a hand or just enough money for a meal if needed. What goes around comes around, being genuinely open and generous when you can will repay you later in life in all sorts of surprising ways. Make the sun shine in someone’s life this month.

Crystal Magic

Crystals have been used for hundreds of years and have many practical uses such as in healing, massage, chakra work and are used in lots of other natural therapies. If you are new to crystals or just buying another one or two for whatever reason it’s a good idea to make sure that you cleanse them before you begin to work with them.

Crystals pick up energies and vibrations before they reach you, they will have travelled many miles and been through a variety of experiences. You need to make your chosen crystal your very own, cleanse it of any previous possible negative vibrations. This is a simple process but will make sure that your crystal is completely clear and will work for you.

The two most common and effective methods of cleansing a crystal are:- 

Hold your crystal under cold running water – this can be as simple as your kitchen or bathroom tap or if you happen to have access to a flowing stream why not hold your crystal in the water for a few seconds! Don’t dry the crystal with a towel, it must dry naturally in the daylight, if the sun is shining so much the better, natural sunlight is very energising.

Let your crystal be immersed in some salt water over night. In the morning take it out and place it on a windowsill to dry naturally.

Your crystal is now cleansed and ready to work it’s magic for you!


Enjoy the Sunshine

Image result for sunIn the UK sunny days are fairly rare and its good to take the opportunity to make to most of them when we can. Sunshine, blue skies and warm temperatures make us all feel more relaxed and it helps to top up our vitamin D levels which is vital for our health.

If you manage to over-do your exposure to the sunshine and suffer from a little mild sunburn here are a couple of ideas for natural remedies.  Try applying some aloe vera gel or even fresh sap from the plant if that’s possible. Also Calendula/marigold cream is very soothing.

Try adding a few drops of lavender, peppermint or chamomile to a tepid bath.

T4Y Tarot Gift Pack

Now available via our website, our new Tarot Gift Pack, a great way to start your journey with the Tarot. The pack contains – a new/sealed pack of Rider Waite Tarot cards, the most popular deck used by beginners and experienced readers alike with colourful pictures and symbols that are easy to interpret (small instruction booklet in pack supplied by manufacturer, or see the T4Y Intuitive Tarot Course).


We have included a gold 100% silk cloth to protect your cards and an AA grade rose quartz crystal to help protect and calm emotions, the best healing crystal and perfect to keep with your cards. This is a lovely pack either for you or as a gift for a friend.

National Tarot Readers Association


Be an Accredited NTRA Tarot Reader. Memberships, Tarot Courses, Information & Support. NTRA are dedicated to promoting the highest possible standards and professionalism for Tarot Readers throughout the UK. www.thentra.co.uk

Thank you for taking the time to read our new T4Y E-Newsletter. We hope you have enjoyed reading it. Please let us know your thoughts on any interesting esoteric subject, we would love to hear from you. Email – isisdirect@aol.com

Blessings to All.

Patricia – Tarot4You

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Tarot Card of the Month – July 2017

Nine of Cups: –   July is the time to kick back a little and celebrate your achievements in life and rightly so as they have been hard won.  Think about what you have managed to do over the last few months and appreciate your successes, also learn from any failures.  Sit back and relax for a short while and give yourself a treat. There could be surprise invitations this month.Don’t say no unless you really have to. You only live once.  If you have had any problems completing a project then the way is now clear, try once more and you will find that you can do whatever you need to fairly easily.

Have a great July.


Accredited NTRA member (www.thentra.co.uk)


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Tarot Card of the Month – June 2017


Six of Pentacles

Time to show your generous side. Our Six of Pentacles tells us that in sunny June you need to relax a little and control any mean or cautious tendencies. If someone you know well is in need and asks for a small loan help if you can. Don’t walk past someone less fortunate than you are, offer a hand or just enough money for a meal if needed. What goes around comes around, being genuinely open and generous when you can will repay you later in life in all sorts of surprising ways. Make the sun shine in someone’s life this month.



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Tarot Card of the Month – May 2017

Eight of Pentacles

The month of May is likely to be busy! No time for relaxing just because Spring is here as there as you will need to keep your head down and concentrate on building financial resources to carry you through.

This is a good time for you to perhaps learn a new skill or turn an existing skill into something profitable. You have hidden talents, now is the time to use them for your own good because there is something in the air now that will allow you to suddenly develop a hobby or skill into a money making idea. No matter what stage of life you are at now is the time to think about this kind of venture.


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Card of the month – April 2017

With spring well and truly on it’s way everything is starting to happen! Things will start moving faster this month, sometimes faster than you think you can handle. Just go with it, this is a great time of year, new growth in all areas of your life is indicated. April and the Eight of Wands allow nothing to hold you back.  Optimism and energy will be renewed and your journey onwards will become clear again.


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